What does my Stokhub license include?
With a valid license subscription you have unlimited access to the entire catalog of stock footage for use in any private or commercial video production on any platform worldwide.



How long is my license valid? Does the license end if my subscription expires?
Any stock clip that is downloaded with an active subscription can be used in a film/video in perpetuity - meaning we will never ask for additional fees in the future or that the clip be removed from circulation even after the subscription expires. Once you download a clip with a subscription it's licensed to use forever - period.



Does my license cover a client who hires me for a video project?
Yes! If you are hired to produce a film for a client, for their personal or commercial use, your license covers that usage. The client cannot use the clip(s), however apart from the video production you were hired to do.



Does my license cover my employees/collaborators?

If a business entity subscribes, then any of the employees may access and use the video files in the company’s projects. If an individual employee or contractor is working on a private project outside of the company they would need to have their own license. 



I’m from a school/college/university/educational group. If I purchase a subscription, will my students be covered by a singular Stokhub licence?

If you’re looking to license a large group, please contact our customer support at contact@stokhub.com.



Can I download trial versions of the clips before I subscribe?
Yes, you can open a free account where you can download full HD watermarked MP4 versions of every clip in the preview library.


How can I use the preview clips I download with my free account?

A Trial account gives you license-free access to the entire free members library.

Is the video royalty-free?
Yes. A Stokhub subscriber and their clients can use the clips royalty-free.

Which platforms can I use with the clips I license from Stokhub?

You can use the clips on every platform and medium that exists today as part of a video production. Plus our license will cover mediums that haven’t even been invented yet. This means that film, TV, podcasts, virtual reality, video games, mobile, etc are all fair game.

Is there an additional cost for use in paid and/or branded advertising?

No! Your subscription covers that too.

Can I use the clips in any kind of project?

Yes, as long as it does not conflict with defined terms of “proper use”.

What is “proper use”?

Proper use means that we don’t want our clips to appear in films that advocate violence or incitement, pornography and obscenity, racism or hatred towards any group. We do not license clips for use in films that encourage discrimination against one person or a group of people based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or national origin. Nor do we consent to the use of material in any way that constitutes a threat, harm, invasion of privacy, defamation or any other offensive content.

What is “reasonable use”?

“Reasonable use” is a set of guidelines we use to help prevent the abuse of our site’s resources and to ensure that the content is available to all of our subscribers when they want it. The guidelines also help to prevent the theft or unlicensed use of the content.

Can I download every song in Stokhub’s library?

Yes! Your subscription gives you access to everything we have.

Do we need to credit the producers or Stokhub?

That is completely up to you. Of course, we always appreciate credit being given to Stokhub your support and telling people about us is how we continue to offer this service, however we do not require any attribution when the clips are used.

Who owns the clips?

All works included in the site’s catalog and any services offered, including clips, illustrations, graphics and photos are protected by copyright and the intellectual property rights of the website and/or other artists and producers.

Are the Libraries regularly updated?

Stokhub's library grows by a guaranteed amount of 1000+ clips a month.

Can I transfer my licence?

Sorry, but no. Our subscribers are personal licence holders for our material and that cannot be transferred. However, your licence does cover clients that hire you to produce a video project. This is not a transfer of licence as the client is not free to use the clips apart from the video production covered by your licence.